Dr. Ambrose Carroll – National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS

Dear God – we thank you today for all of your created order. We thank you dear God, for stepping out of nothing and for creating everything that is. We thank you dear master for creating all that is, from a place of pure Love.

It is your love that brings joy to the art of living, it is your love that sustains us and your love that heals us.

We come praying to you this day asking for your healing power but more particularly we pray that you heal all who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

For the new diagnosis this year we pray your healing, for those who have lived with it’s effects for years we pray your healing, for those saints that have been physically lost we pray your healing on hearts and minds, for those who are yet arrested by the stigma and fear still associated, we pray your healing.

Lord God we come to you today because we believe that you are able to do what no other Holy Ghost Power can do.

We come to you because Lord only you have the power to heal, forgive and deliver.

This is our prayer,


Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll

Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll serves as the Senior Pastor of The Church by the Side of the Road (Berkeley, CA), and is also the founder of Green the Church.

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