Crown Him Presents

  • Crown Him Presents – Faith Vision

    Crown Him Presents: Faith Vision - Vision Board Party

    Write out your 2018 goals at the Crown Him Presents vision board party. This vision board party will have light refreshments, board supplies, and a great worship thought. Crown Him Presents wants to help you flourish in developing 2018’s vision of yourself. This bible study will have light refreshments, vision board materials per guest, and scriptures to renew the soul. Blessing our ears is beautiful spoken word artist, GRACEDEYANNA! Will Receive Location Upon RSVP  |  Click to RSVP Today  …

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  • Crown Him Presents - Checkmate

    Crown Him Presents – Checkmate

    Crown Him Presents its premier event, “Checkmate.” This event will enable young millennials to meet new people, make new friends, and make new memories. There will be an assortment of favorite childhood board games throughout the venue. These games…