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Faith and AIDS 2012: Robert Newells

There was only one session on the Faith-based Roadmap for Monday: “Many Women, One Voice.” I didn’t get to the session at the United States Conference on AIDS in Chicago where the video was screened last November, and I heard nothing but great things from the folks who saw it, so I wanted to be sure not to miss it again.  

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LeAndria Johnson Wins Season 3 SUNDAY BEST!

More Than 2 Million Americans Cast Their Vote to Choose Season 3 Winner

The votes are in! LeAndria Johnson , 27, from Orlando Florida has been named this season’s SUNDAY BEST! The 27 year old single mother from Orlando, Florida won over America’s hearts against Elder Goldwire McLendon, 79, during last night’s season finale.

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Black Churches Push for Spiritual Renewal

Today’s generation of African-Americans needs to return to religion, and black churches should work together to reach them, said Bishop John R. Bryant, of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

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