• Where is Home? A Community Townhall for Oakland’s Black Residents

    Where Is Home Town Hall 2019

    Where is Home? A Community Townhall on the Housing History & Future of Oakland’s Black Residents From homelessness, displacement, foreclosures, etc…When crises hit, they often hit African Americans hardest. Did your family move to Oakland during the Great Migration? Have you seen your communities change? Have you seen the growing number of unsheltered Black neighbors on the streets? Or maybe you or someone you know has experienced a rent increase, eviction or foreclosure? What can be done? Come & share…

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    Breakfast in Bed: Feeding Those Who Are Hungry

    We are grateful to Sister Joycelyn and her organization Manna From Heaven for the invitation to support her feeding ministry.On 2nd Saturdays, join Memorial Tabernacle Church as we will go out into the community and feed those who are…