• Dismantling White Supremacy Unconference

    Dismantling White Supremacy Unconference

    It’s time to have a family meeting. The Dismantling White Supremacy Unconference will provide a space for people of color and white allies–including activists, policy-makers, business leaders, employees, community organizers, or other residents or community members –to have an explicit and courageous conversation about dismantling systemic white supremacy (and the many discussions that come up around white supremacy) in a community-led forum. Please note we are not proposing that we discuss the bigotry of individuals (e.g., Neo-Nazis and KKK members) who…

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  • Summer Of Black Girl Magic 2019

    Summer of Black Girl Magic

    Black Girls are Magic! So, this summer, we’re celebrating their brilliance, creativity, and leadership skills with a 2-week Summer of Black Girl Magic program for girls ages 10-14.…

  • Leonard Bailey And Friends Anniversary Concert 2019

    Leonard Bailey & Friends Anniversary Concert

    Don’t miss the Anniversary Concert of Leonard Bailey & Friends, Sunday, May 19th at 5PM. With: Bishop Keith Clark, Pastor Allen S. Turner, Pastor Bo Jackson, Pastor Sandy Hunter, and Evangelist Sonya Wright. Guest Artists: Parish Thompson and God’s…

  • Where Is Home Town Hall 2019

    Where is Home? A Community Townhall for Oakland’s Black Residents

    Where is Home? A Community Townhall on the Housing History & Future of Oakland’s Black Residents From homelessness, displacement, foreclosures, etc…When crises hit, they often hit African Americans hardest. Did your family move to Oakland during the Great Migration?…

  • Multi-Cultural Wellness Walk 2019

    Multi-Cultural Wellness Walk

    Description Please join Samuel Merritt University’s Ethnic Health Institute and East Bay Regional Park District for a Community Multicultural Wellness walk along the Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline in Oakland. Our intention is for the walk to serve…