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    Positive Male Role Model Creed

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    I am powerful. My journey is the path of Kings, Princes, and Noblemen.  My footsteps will blaze trails for future generations. 

    I invented “looking good”, and perfected “being brilliant.”  I am a force of nature. The lightening illuminates my presence and thunder echoes my name. 


    I have weathered the weight of the world, my heart beats like a drum and shines like a diamond. 

    I am a father, a son, an uncle, a nephew.  I am a part of a family and a community greater than myself.  Together, we will rise and fall. 

    I accept responsibility for the children, for boys who are not my sons and brothers, and for girls who are not my daughters or sisters.  I will teach, protect, and serve them like a samurai: Part Warrior, Part Wise Man, my Word is bond. 

    I will honor women as my mothers, and girls as my sisters.  Females are sacred, and by honoring and respecting them, I will bring out the best in me. 

    I will respect my elders.  I praise elders for their sacrifices and triumphs, they helped me succeed.  I thank elders for their mistakes and failures, experience is the best teacher. 

    My past influences me, but does not define me.  The present is my playground, today anything is possible.  My future is unwritten, and can be created anew each day. 

    I am powerful. I am honorable. I am brilliant. I am beautiful. I am free. 

    Diallo Shabazz is an educator, writer, activist, and collaborative member of BAMIA (Black and Male in America).  He can be reached at dialloshabazz@gmail.com

    (c) Diallo Shabazz


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