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    An Incompatible Love

    Got a question for you today.

    Have you ever found yourself in love with someone, but all the while, wondering whether or not “they’re just not that into you?” Well, (as hard as it is for some to acknowledge) I have.



    You’ve probably seen us together.
    Holding hands.
    Playing in the park.
    Having dinner.
    My lover is just beautiful.
    All together lovely.
    Calm under fire.
    Much more perfect than I could ever be.
    And my lover has never (ever) made a mistake.

    (I’m sure you can take a wild guess as to who I may be talking about here!)

    Perhaps some people whisper: “These two seem incompatible”

    It is quite natural for us all, regardless of our faith in God, to try at times to do something in order to secure the love of God, not knowing that such is an impossible task.

    With a God who is all together lovely, beautiful, genuine, and always calm under fire, it is normal for us all to look at Him and conclude that our love for Him is incompatible with His love for us. How can someone so perfect be in love with us?

    You know, as a worship leader, many would assume that I have a relentless boldness and confidence for the praises and presence of God. And for the most part, I do. But there have been many times when I have fallen victim to thoughts of insecurity, self disgust, and a defeatist attitude about myself.

    We have fostered today within the church a religious culture that equates a disdain for self as an act of humility. Yet if I were to bring you a gift that I constantly berated, insulted, scoffed at, and considered worthless, how much joy and satisfaction would you get out of that gift?

    I have discovered that loving God means loving everything that He loves (including me). Genesis 1:31 states that ‘God saw all that He had made and behold it was very good.’

    As worshipers, we must begin to embrace the value that God has for our lives. Not to become puffed up, but to make ourselves more attractive and comely for His pleasure.

    If God thinks we are worthy enough to have died for us, then we must understand that when we insult the product (us), then we insult the maker (Him). If we count ourselves worthy of His love, then we will begin to walk in a manner that demonstrates worth.

    We (as believers) must put an end to living our lives as wretches (undone).

    You cannot love God without loving yourself. A love and appreciation for God must become a love and appreciation for who He loves and who He loved enough to die for.

    We cannot pretend to “fall in love with Jesus” when we demonstrate no love for the one we see everyday…in the mirror. If you are unwilling to accept you, how will you ever believe that God unconditionally does?

    The real incompatibility of love is when your lover enjoys something (and someone) that you don’t. Begin enjoying yourself today. Because believe it or not…

    …He does.




    © Cory Bradley all rights reserved.

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