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    Dr. Jeremiah Wright To Speak New Year’s Day In Berkeley

    Jeremiah Wright Jr

    The Baptist Minister’s Union of Oakland and Vicinity are hosting their annual EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION CELEBRATION SERVICE on Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 10:00am.

    This service is unique and one of the only areas in the nation that actually observes it.  On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed into law the abolishment of slavery.  Such an act would make it illegal to have slaves and therefore four million slaves in the Unites States would be declared free citizens.

    Rev. Dr. Lawrence VanHook, President of the BMU, stated, “This service is the continuance of our leadership capacities to ensure our communities are witnessing a new day.  The BMU has a different feel to it as we move from being a personality driven organization to a more purpose driven movement.”

    While many churches will be celebrating what is called WATCH NIGHT – many will not be focusing on its original purpose.  The term “Watch Night” derives from the action of slaves in 1862 who huddled in groups, congregations, etc. – “watching through the night” to see if President Abraham Lincoln would actually sign into legislation the famed EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION.  Once his signature was affixed upon the new law – jubilation would unfold and history would radically be changed.

    To commemorate the historical signing of the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMTION the Baptist Minister Union of Oakland and Vicinities has invited as special guest speaker – REV. DR. JEREMIAH WRIGHT – national speaker, preacher and lecturer from Chicago, Illinois.  Dr. Wright received international attention during the election of President Barack Obama – a member for 20 years under Dr. Wright’s leadership.  Since then Dr. Wright has been an international phenomenon.

    The service will take place at the PROGRESSIVE MBC of BERKELEY, CA – 3301 King Street – Rev. Dr. Earl C. Stuckey, Pastor.  “We are expecting a Mass Choir of around 50 voices,” stated Vice President of Worship – Rev. Dr. Martin Peters of the Victory Baptist Church of Oakland, CA.

    For more information – call – 510-290-8235 or email BMUofOAKLAND@gmail.com.

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