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    ‘Only God Can’ Inspires & Evokes Hope in Relationships

    Only God Can Film

    As far back in the ages as you can draw, there have been relationships. Relationships between husband and wife, mother and child and father and son have always produced a stage for how we see ourselves in others. The movie Only God Can lays bare the relationship five friends have with each other and how one’s selfless final words jaunts them all into retrospect of the absence of one relationship they are missing…their relationship with God.

    only god can movie

    Sarah (played by Lisa Sheridan) had been a faithful Christian for 20 years and was happy to be free from her past of ill-gotten games. Her college days in tradition-rich town of Charleston, South Carolina were filled with raucous behavior with her four friends aptly named the Holy City Heartbreakers.

    Although Sara is now a dedicated woman of God, her four college friends are in need of a ‘holy’ intervention to bring them closer to God and away from themselves. A sudden tragic turn of events does just that. Sara, along with her four society sisters, self-titled The Holy City Heartbreakers; include outspoken rich socialite Coley (Donna D’Errico), artist and poet Patrice (Robby Chong), community activist Glen (Debra Capps)and stay-at-home wife/momGracie (Vanessa Evigan). The film is written by Colette Harrington Schwoeri and Terry Ward Tucker, produced by Linda Flannery and directed by Randall Owens.

    Before departing their annual girl’s getaway, Heartbreaker Gracie made a life-changing speech that left all the ladies in retrospect of the lives they were living. And when they learned of her untimely death later that night, all the women are shaken into seeking God at a heightened level. Now, Sara is thrust into her ministry of compassion and witnessing the Good News of Christ’s amazing love and grace to each of her sisters. Compounded by issues of life already, the ladies begin to question their decisions, faith and even God. Sara is able to minister healing and deliverance to them, even though the wilderness experience with them is trying. With infidelity, substance abuse and even non-belief arises; God showers each woman with the miracle of freedom through His word. Their transformation takes place right before our eyes. A baptism of freedom’s fire consumes their old life and makes them new.


    There is also a light-hearted love story unfolding between Sara and the single minister of her congregation, Pastor Rodney (played by actor Greg Evigan of BJ and the Bear and My Two Dads fame). Spoiler Alert: There are lots of laughs and heart-warming courtship quirks between this man of God and Sara, ending in a larger than life proposal none of us saw coming!

    Only God Can Film

    This movie is about relationships. The relationships the ladies had with each other and the relationships they needed with God. I found myself thinking of my own walk with Christ as I watched intently. It delivers a sobering picture to those who need to reevaluate their standing in the faith and their willingness to go deeper. This film perfectly shows how accepting God’s freedom will instantly cause your perspective to change as well as your life. It’s a reminder that God’s love conquers all.

    I recently spoke with the film’s Executive Producer, Linda Flannery. She shared some great insight on the film, its cast and the life transformation it caused making it.

    Faith in the Bay: Tell us about how you became involved with making Only God Can.

    Linda Flannery: Only God Can is a movie about relationship, friendship, love and faith. When I read the script, it immediately brought me back to a place where I had met God and how it allowed me to renew my journey with Him. It was very real. It was an awakening. For the first time in my life, I heard God speaking to me directly, saying ‘Do this film.’ I was a do-gooder like Glen(in the movie) all my life, but an encounter with God changed all of that. I know my works have to be guided by Him to be worthy of His calling. And this movie is one of them.

    FITB: While we glean from the situations with the Holy City Heart Breakers, is this film based on your life or is it a fictional work?

    LF: This movie is fiction piece but some parts and character situations have been added based on the lives of writers Colette Harrington Schwoeri and Terry Ward Tucker.

    FITB: Tell us about the cast and how did Greg Evigan join this lineup?

    LF: After joining the project, I sat with the team and began casting this amazing group of actors. Each one of the friends had a connection to the woman she portrayed in the film. The characters really bonded during taping and as a matter of fact, we all seemed to be on a ‘journey’ with God that was culminating with us doing this film. We spent ‘off’ hours just talking and sharing about our lives and were really getting close.

    Greg(Evigan) was a natural for this role. His Christian walk came out on film and you could see we couldn’t have made a better choice. He has a sheppard’s heart. Many times actors are just acting but this time; these actors were really drawing from their own lives.

    Greg’s whole family rallied around the movie. And as you are probably aware, his daughter Vanessa (played Gracie) did an awesome job in the movie.

    FITB: What additionally would you like to share about the movie?

    LF: Only God Can storyline focuses on women more than Christian movies before. They give them more depth, more time to play out the stories. Many times we see these stories of the men playing out but we give women inspiration by showing the ‘real and raw’ of relationships on screen.

    Flannery estimates the theatrical release of Only God Can to be late Fall or early Winter. They are also looking forward to expanding the work into a sequel, which would be awesome. We look forward to this Christian powerhouse drama to land in a theater near you.

    We’ll keep you posted. You can also follow Only God Can on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/OnlyGodCanMovie)

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