• HIV/AIDS National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS

    Rev. Michael Wallace – National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS

    Rev Michael Wallace

    O’ Gracious Father, we Love You, Adore You and Praise You for releasing Jesus into the earth realm to bring forth eternal Salvation and direct access to Your Throne of Grace and Mercy.

    Through intercession, we partner with You to establish Your Heart, Your Will and Your purposes in our families, our church, our community, our city, our nation, and the world. We come in agreement with a great host of Believers during The Balm in Gilead’s 29th Annual National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS that You are still able to touch, heal and deliver!

    We are so grateful that You promise that we are loved and protected. Even when darkness, sickness and evil come into our lives, our salvation in Jesus The Christ is certain.

    So, today we lift- up those who are afflicted with HIV and AIDS who may feel so vulnerable, please allow Your encompassing care and over-shadowing mercy to move upon them. Even when they feel overwhelmed and the circumstances seem insurmountable and worry floods their thoughts, please reassure them that You are their refuge, their strength and always right there to help in life’s most troubling times.

    I pray that You provide physical healing and use the doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists and health-care providers to Your glory. Lord we acknowledge Your healing hand at work through the hands of others right now in the Name of Jesus!

    For You have the power to take any life that is sick or diseased and restore it because You are Our Great Physician! Move by Your Power is our prayer!
    In the Matchless Name of Jesus! Amen.

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