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    Dub Nation Takes Over Downtown Oakland for the 2018 Warriors Championship Parade [PHOTOS]

    With the sun shining bright, confetti flying high, and music playing, the atmosphere was set to celebrate the Golden State Warriors on such a victorious season and Championship. Dub Nation showed up and showed out with enormous support for the Warriors.

    On the heels of their back to back NBA Championship win, the Warriors returned home ready to raise the bar on another Warriors Parade with an intentional focus on engagement.

    Photo Credit: Monet DeLane/Faith in the Bay


    Photo Credit: Monet DeLane/Faith in the Bay


    Walking down the parade route, you could see the excitement on everyones face as they eagerly waited for their favorite players to make their way out. Women, Men, and children of all races and generations were dressed from head to toe in Warriors gear. The jerseys in classic blue and gold, the unique grey, throwbacks, and even the Chinese New Year editions were spotted throughout the crowds. As time moved slowly, many companies and affiliates of The Warriors organization lined up to walk in the parade or take a seat in the reserved section. At the Front of it all was the Cal Berkeley marching band delivering tunes of Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper.



    Photo Credit: Denisha DeLane/Faith in the Bay


    As the parade began players and their families and friends filled the double decker buses to celebrate the win. For a moment, Downtown Oakland turned into the ‘Roaracle’ as Curry hoisted up the teams third Larry Obrien NBA Championship Trophy as his wife and family watched.


    AC Transit Board member Mark Williams, celebrating the Warriors Parade along with his father and friend. Denisha DeLane/Faith in the Bay


    Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson (District 5) riding along the Warriors Parade Route. Denisha DeLane/Faith in the Bay


    Oakland Councilmember Lynette McElhaney enjoying the Warriors Parade. Denisha DeLane/Faith in the Bay


    Oakland Councilmember Abel Guillen enjoying the Warriors Parade. Denisha DeLane/Faith in the Bay


    Between the player buses there were community members like Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaaf dancing on her snail themed float with Oakland Legend MC Hammer, Alameda County officials, public administrators and staff, along with local organizations like the East Oakland Youth Development Center who rode Kevin Durants Nike wrapped bus. The energy was high as the Bay Area’s own 95.7 the Game radio station, Warriors Central, AC Transit, Warriors Cheerleaders, and even California’s own Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom made their way down the route. Newsom jumped off his ride to interact with fans without question.


    JaVale McGee walks the parade route. Denisha DeLane/Faith in the Bay


    Golden State Warriors JaVale McGee and Nick Young. Denisha DeLane/Faith in the Bay


    Golden State Warriors Nick Young celebrating with the parade day attendees. Denisha DeLane/Faith in the Bay


    The highlight of the day was JaVale McGee and Nick ‘Swaggy P’ Young coming face to face with fans. McGee was one of the first to take to the streets of the parade route and connect with fans. Young joined the excitement as he zig zagged for blocks in his infamous bath robe and cigar to chants of ‘Swaggy Champ’. Their energy was unmatched. Then there was Jordan Bell; the rookie, who stayed on the ground with, fans more than he was on his bus. He seemed to be enjoying the parade more than any player or fan.

    Monet DeLane/Faith in the Bay


    Monet DeLane/Faith in the Bay


    Monet DeLane/Faith in the Bay


    Overall watching the parade and all participants was an amazing joy and that moment solidified what the Warriors organization has put together for the past four years; it’s all about the Team. No matter how young or old, man or woman, our community; the Bay Area, whose grounded in that same concept came together as a team to celebrate the greatest organization of our time.


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