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    TV One Docu-Series “We’re The Campbells” Goes Beyond The Music with Warryn & Erica Campbell

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    Missed the Campbells on TV? You’re in luck. The popular gospel family has teamed up with TV One for an original docu-series giving us a closer look into how the popular christian family keeps it all together. We’re The Campbells follows Erica Campbell of the gospel duo, Mary Mary along with her superstar producer-husband, Warryn Campbell, their three children, and extended family. The new series premieres Tuesday, June 19th on TV One, 8/7C.

    We're The Campbells

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    We’re The Campbells in typical docu-series fashion gives an intimate glimpse at the ups and downs of living an intensely busy life, balancing parenthood and demanding careers, cultivating and sustaining a loving marriage, all while enjoying life and pursuing goals. Many recognize gospel superstar Erica Campbell, now radio personality, author, entrepreneur and First Lady; alongside her husband,  superstar producer, musician, and CEO of My Block Records, Warryn Campbell, now Pastor of California Worship Center in Los Angeles. The pair is undoubtedly an iconic power couple that is no strangers to hard work. We see it in their music and their brands, but now we now are provided with the chance to see how they are balancing it all.

    Many of today’s media images, not promoted by black media outlets, of “Black Lives” are coupled with controversy, tragedy, and negativity. Primetime television needs a positive visual of real black family lifestyle. It is extremely important to provide a positive portrayal in a faith-based industry that has been hit with a barrage of criticism and ridicule for having so many issues and contradictions within its own community, and varying standards and belief structures, specifically within the structure of the family. Christian marriages currently are leading the rates of divorce in American society, even with previous docus-series that followed the gospel-duo, we watched as both sisters faced struggles in their marriages.


    Were the Campbells TV One

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    It is my hope, the Campbell’s new series provides tools and examples on how to work through difficulties, respectfully and amicably. This series shows a real marriage pushing to be better. In the first episode, the couple expresses how they saw the need to stay connected throughout the chaos of their daily lives and in 2008 implemented their “Love Check-In” to make sure that they are doing what they can to stay dedicated to each other and in love. It is clear, it isn’t easy to maintain all that family life presents, much less, adding all of the stress of multi-layered careers.

    Were The Campbells TV One

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    Erica and Warryn do not shy away from honestly addressing issues they face in their household and although we are only seeing the edited footage, its their transparency in the premiere episode that show we are all human and have to work to make life work for us.

    It gives hope for the institution of family, the pursuit of success, and the triumph of overcoming adversity, much like The Cosby Show and Family Matters did for the black community while I was growning up. We’re The Campbells shows a successful family, dealing with real issues, and fortunately, these are not actors and these are real people, real relationships, and real life.

    Tune in each Tuesday for We’re The Campbells, 8/7c on TV One, and follow online at #WereTheCampbells

    Website: http://tvone.tv/show/were-the-campbells



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