Memorial Tabernacle Church

  • Go Green Fair 2019

    Ygg Green Festival 2019

    Go GREEN Fair 2019: Expanding The Mind To Save Our Environment All are welcome to the final Youth Going Green event for the 2018-2019 academic year. Join YGG and the community as they encourage community to: Commute to the event in a clean way to reduce your carbon footprint. If you cannot commute by bike, please try to arrange plans to carpool or take public transit Engage in fun games like the Basketball Recycling Game & Card Sorting Game. Make cool crafts from reusable materials Come get books on…

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  • Memorial Tabernacle Good Friday Prayer Hour

    Memorial Tabernacle Church – Good Friday Prayer Hour

    CELEBRATE CHRIST at Memorial Tabernacle Church. Join us as we honor the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ! The love He and His Father displayed for us is what we desired to display and give to you when…

  • Youth Banners F4n Oct 2017

    Memorial Tabernacle Church – First Friday Family Fun Night

    Monthly fun with the purpose of encouraging, educating, and celebrating Young People, Parents, and Families! All are invited – single people, couples, families, neighbors, co-workers, ALL! Also bring your recyclables to support Youth Going Green! Fun games and activities…

  • Sunday School

    Reaching To Teach: Sunday School

    Christian Education for all! Reaching to Teach! Teaching to Change! Join the class every Sunday at 9:15AM! Bibles are available for those who do not have one! All are welcome!…