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    Free Concert + Meet & Greet w/ Stellar Award Nominee TRANSPARENT

    Transparent Meetgreet Concord

    C28 presents Free Concert + Meet & Greet w/ Christian Music Award Winner & International Christian Rap Artist TRANSPARENT!!!

    EVERYONE is invited to come out and support TRANSPARENT! Along with supporting him, we DESIRE to show Sunvalley Mall what type of IMPACT the Body of Christ has when we come together! WE NEED TO PACK OUT C28 & LET THE OVERFLOW HIT THE REST OF THE MALL!!!!!

    Bring ALL of your FRIENDS, ENTIRE church, youth group, young adult group, outreach team, prayer warriors, etc!!!

    This EXPERIENCE will also be a GREAT opportunity for YOU to invite your UNchurched friends and family to this non-church “EVENT AT Sunvalley Mall”!!!

    **Concert will begin at 5:30pm(SHARP) & will include the following:

    ***Video Taping is allowed inside the store***

    1. Song performances from Transparent’s Stellar Award Nominated album “L.I.F.E.”,
    2. His smash HIT “Heir Muzik”
    3. Some throwback songs
    4. Some NEW Blazin’ songs off of his upcoming project!!! (Be one of the first to hear)

    **Meet & Greet will begin at 6:30pm(SHARP) & will include the following:

    1. Pictures w/ Transparent!!!(Bring your camera’s & camera phones)
    2. Autograph signing!!!(Bring your Transparent merchandise*cd’s, shirts, flyers* or ANYTHING you would like to have signed by Transparent)
    3. Free prizes!!!

    **Transparents album “L.I.F.E.” will be on SALE that night!!! If you dont have it…you NEED to get it. If you already have it….get ANOTHER 5 copies and give them to those who NEED it!

    If you purchase the album that night or bring your copy of “L.I.F.E.” to the store, Transparent will gladly sign it for YOU!!!

    –“HEIR MUZIK” +”HEIR MUZIK Instrumental” will be available too!!

    **Attention ALL PARENTS & SHOPPERS…

    C28 will have a Back 2 School SALE going on too!! Make sure you come and pick up some Christ-centered clothes for your child & yourself, so yall can express your beliefs through what you wear!

    **Please SPREAD the WORD & plan on being in attendance! We don’t want anyone to miss out on this HISTORICAL event!!!


    *More SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS about this AMAZING day coming soon!


    Click here to watch Transparent TV on YouTube.com

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