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    Rev. Damon Powell: A Prayer for WORLD AIDS Day

    Dr. Damon Powell

    O merciful and loving Creator,

    We humbly open ourselves to Spirit in recognition of another World AIDS Day.  We pause and offer a moment of silence in remembrance of those all around the globe whom have suffered and died as a result of HIV and AIDS.

    Create in us a renewed desire and sense of urgency which compels us to seek out and aide those who are currently living with this virus wherever we may find them.

    Let our hands be your divine hands moving and working in the world to make it a better and more compassionate place for those living with this disease. Let our voices and actions be grounded in a spirit of righteous indignation which gives us the courage to speak out against those who would choose to judge through acts of condemnation and stigmatization.

    Guide the hearts and minds of those who study this disease in hopes of finding a cure. Show them the path which leads toward the eradication of HIV so that no more will have to suffer.

    All over the world today, we join our voice and spirit with others on World AIDS Day in solidarity with those who seek a cure for HIV and AIDS.


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