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    Book Review: “A City Called Heaven” by Robert Marovich



    Author and gospel historian Robert M. Marovich is the founder of “The Black Gospel Blog”. His passion for the history of gospel music is earnestly told through his new book “A City Called Heaven”.

    Marovich tells the riveting story of the great migration, African Americans who travel from the south to Chicago to better themselves and their families. Some of the nations greatest historians and collectors of gospel music memorabilia have contributed to his work. Marovich chronicles five decades of African American achievement though gospel music.

    He expresses the frustrations of class struggle during the great migration and how the social community of gospel musicians achieved success through entrepreneurship. Marovich tells the story of the formation of the first gospel choirs and it’s founders Thomas A. Dorsey and Theodore Frye. He is inclusive of the great ladies of gospel such as Mahalia Jackson, Sallie Martin, Roberta Martin and the Gay Sisters.

    Marovich tells a poignant story of African Americans who believed in themselves, their songs and community. He finally settles the argument of which city should hold the title of “The Birthplace of Gospel Music”. It is a great story of Chicago and the pioneers of gospel music who enriched our lives through music and the good news.

    If you love gospel, and its history – do yourself a favor and order your copy today!

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