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    Cute Goes Crazy in ‘The Perfect Guy’ Starring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy + Morris Chestnut


    Successful young professional woman, unmarried with no kids. You probably just paused and thought about your best girlfriend, or even yourself.

    The Perfect Guy introduces us to Leah Vaughn played by Sanaa Lathan who appears to have it all together. A lobbyist with an amazingly attractive boyfriend (Dave) played by Morris Chestnut – cant get on the same page about marriage and family. Leah rebounds shortly after with Carter, played by Michael Ealy who is just yummy wrapped up in a suit!

    Ealy describes Carter as a “functioning sociopath”, and all we can do is agree…agree…AGREE!

    Almost too good to be true, their relationship will take you on a roller coaster ride throughout the entire film. The Perfect Guy is thrilling, exciting, and engaging. Viewers will undoubtedly find themselves walking down memory lane thinking of the one who got away, or the one who they wish they never met.

    We caught up with Morris Chestnut after a recent trip to Los Angeles. Check out our interview as he describes his character and the film:

    Make it a girls night out, and see The Perfect Guy in theaters nationwide today.

    the perfect guy movie poster

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