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    It’s A Family Affair! 2017 Warriors Parade, Fun for All! [Photos]

    Warriors Championship Parade 2017

    Just when you thought the Warriors Parade couldn’t get any bigger and better, it did! The Golden State Warriors brought the 2017 NBA Finals Championship home, and over 1.5 million people turned out to say thanks.

    Me and my Mom, 2015 Warriors Parade

    Back in 2015 I braved the crowds, and celebrated the Warriors Parade with my mom staying mostly around the Marriott (parade starting point). Little did I know how hard it would be moving between the parade and rally position. Seriously…I had no idea. It ended up being great preparation for the 2017 Win & Parade Celebration!

    It’s one thing to celebrate a NBA Championship Win after 40 years, and another to bring it home again 2 years later. It’s a feeling I hope we can get used to in the Bay Area. Soooooo worth the wait! Thank you Golden State Warriors!

    Shout out to the awesome team at BorrowLenses.com – I made a last minute decision to rent the 18-200mm lens for my Nikon D7100, and it was just what I needed for the day.

    This year, with credentials (Thanks GSW!), I made my way for check in about 3:45am. Yep, and I’d do it all over again! It was really nice connecting with other media professionals, even the Vegas media team in town to cover the Raiders practice. After a few jokes, tons of shade and side eyes (all in fun) – they made a coffee run, and the world was right again.

    These were so cute. Mouthpiece and all.

    Too cute, right!

    These officers made my parade route experience fun…and they made sure I stayed hydrated! Thanks OPD & Fire Department!

    There are some serious die-hard Golden State Warriors families out there. I saw kids wrapped in blankets, walking like zombies as the lines were already pretty long hours before the 6am gate entry. Those same kids were standing to their feet and on their parents backs celebrating as their favorite players came down the parade route. Those are the moments I enjoyed the most. Children and youth in the Bay Area overcome so much, its nice to see expressions of joy and excitement come across their faces.

    After the parade got underway, I enjoyed the tail end of the parade route before walking back over to the rally press riser. Check out my pictures below:

    End of Parade Route

    « of 62 »


    « of 27 »

    After the sunburn goes away, and I feel my feet again – I’m still going to hold on to my Warriors Parade memories. It was a ton of fun, and huge gift to Oakland. During the Rally, the team owners announced they were picking up the bill for all Parade expenses. That put a smile on everyone’s face.

    Wanda Durant, and Kevin Durant enjoy the Warriors Championship Parade – June 15, 2017. (Denisha DeLane/Faith in the Bay)

    Steph Curry enjoying the Warriors Parade – June 15, 2017. (Denisha DeLane/Faith in the Bay)

    It’s obvious how much the team genuinely enjoys playing and being around each other. I pray they know how much we all appreciate what they do on and off the court, and for reminding everyone nothing in Oakland happens by accident.


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