• HIV/AIDS Inspiration National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS

    Min. Rob Newells – National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS

    Min. Robert Newells

    Lord of all,

    We need to feel the presence of your Holy Spirit in a very real way. With suffering all around and trouble on every side, it is only our faith in you that sustains us. For over 35 years, people living with HIV and AIDS have been demonized, ostracized, and stigmatized by people who call on the name of your son, Jesus.

    We take time during the National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS to rebuke all that is not born out of your love for all creation. We claim and proclaim that we are all God’s children; loved equally in God’s eyes. Thank you for loving us (especially when we fall short).

    Let the power of your love make space in our lives for new understanding and new relationships and new determination to end discrimination and to mobilize our brothers and sisters in Christ to turn from the wickedness of oppression. Inspire your servants to meet difference with justice. Arm your warriors to fight hate with love. Move your children to counter fear with compassion. If you will fight our battles, Lord, we will win. We claim victory over disease and dis-ease. And we do it because you did it.

    Help us to be co-creators of a world that looks more like heaven than hell. Lead us and guide us as we continue to struggle with the issues that sustain the HIV epidemic in our communities. Give us hope. Give us joy. Give us love. Renew us and make us over. Be with us and protect us. Fix us where we are broken. Heal us like only you can.

    It is in the name of Jesus that I submit myself, my work, and my prayers to you.


    Join the AIDS Project of the East Bay for a NWPHA Gospel Concert:

    For more information on NWPHA, and faith-based HIV/AIDS resources visit: http://balmingilead.org

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