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    Public Comment Forum for SMI/Homeless Population in Alameda County‏

    Dear Community Member,

    We invite you to participate in a very important planning process to address the needs of Homeless Individuals who seek services at the Howie the Harp Homeless Self-Help Center located at 580 18th Street Oakland CA. This will be a process to gather consumer, provider and community input on how to better serve those individuals utilizing Howie the Harp.  The planning process will put forth recommendations to Alameda County Behavioral Health Care for significant changes in its operation.

    We ask for your support in the following ways:

    • Consider becoming a member of the Planning Panel (an application is attached).
    • Recruit consumers or providers for the Planning Panel who will represent the needs of this targeted group in creating self-help services at Howie the Harp.
    • Circulate the attached announcement flyer and Planning Panel application to interested individuals.
    • Show your support and attend the August 19, 2009 Community Comment Meeting from 1-3pm.

    The planning process will be facilitated by the Health and Human Resource Education Center (HHREC) and Kirkland A. Smith and Associates (KASA).  Contact persons are Colette Winlock, HHREC (510) 459-1179 and Marveta Allen, KASA (510) 565-9249

    We look forward to you joining us in this important community process.

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