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    A Prayer for Occupy Oakland – Pastor Brian K. Woodson

    Servant B.K. Woodson

    Dear Lord and Master –

     I believe you have called your people into communion with your work in the world. I believe you require a faith in you that is most clearly seen in our moving hands and feet. 

    I believe you have brought us to such a time as this so that we may experience your power present in our world and marvel at the hope which rises in our heart because of it.

    So Lord I pray for Oakland right now, as today we move our hands and feet to the beat of progressive change. I pray for her people and yours as they move to create a better more just world for our children. I ask that you would empower us with clarity of mind and purpose but that above all you would keep us in perfect peace. Let your peace permeate the people as we walk together and talk together along the way.

    Dear Lord I pray for our mayor and council members, our recognized and unrecognized leaders. Lead them in peace to bring us toward peace and progress. Bless our mayor with wisdom and strength to do the tasks that are necessary. Keep our police calm and unafraid.

    Keep the darkness of violence and destruction far away from our Oakland and let us, here in your Oakland help you change the world for the better!

    — Servant BK Woodson, Sr., Senior Pastor, Bay Area Christian Connection (Oakland, CA)

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