• HIV/AIDS Inspiration National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS

    Rev. Kelvin Sauls: National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS



    Take Away The Stone, Take Off The Bandages (A Poetic Reflection inspired by John 11:17-44)

    Dead in the grave

    Smellin’ in the cave

    Bandages to wrap me

    A Stone to cover me

    Death sentence by a killer disease

    Positive diagnosis

    Negative consequences

    Death sentence by chronic disease

    Called out from the depths of my grave

    Called out from the depths of my cave

    Called out from the depths of my pain

    Called out from the depths strain

    Summoned to possibility

    Summoned to a new destiny

    No stone to prevent capability

    No bandages to stop vitality

    Jesus showed up

    I’m getting’ up

    Jesus showed out

    I’m getting’ out

    Jesus shed tears

    I’m overcommin’ my fears

    Jesus wept & cried

    I’m kept, not denied

    I can live positive

    I can live productive

    I can live constructive

    I can live positive

    Unwrap my guilt

    Loose me for forgiveness

    Unwrap my regretfulness

    Loose me for growth

    Resurrection from my grave

    Reconciliation from the cave

    Restoration to life is my invitation

    A joyous life is my destination


    Rev. Kelvin Sauls was born and raised in South Africa. He was a Pastor in San Francisco & Oakland for 10 years. He currently serves as the Director for New Ministry in the California-Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church and lives in Los Angeles.


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