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    Epitome Magazine Selects Bay Area Clergy for Cover of ‘Distinguished Pastors’ Issue

    Epitome Leasimmons

    Epitome Magazine is excited about what God had in store for our readers in the April issue featuring two of the most dynamic pastors of today-Bishop Joseph E. Simmons and Dr. Claybon Lea, Jr. 
    Bishop Simmons (Greater St. Paul Church), who is leading with excellence, understands he is a progressive pastor, preacher and teacher, who is different from the pastors of old. His calling is to teach, but his style is to move others into action. It is a call to do something! “God wants us all to be successful, no matter what our upbringing was. We must learn the process, go the extra mile, and make sure we are doing more than what is expected,” states Bishop Simmons.
    Dr. Lea (Mount Calvary Church), is serving God and humanity with the desire for every person to love the Lord, and know the love of the Lord. He states, “If we could understand the importance of loving God, it will help us to obey Him more, and that is when the world will see Jesus Christ. We have to be careful that we do not allow the waves of culture to drift us away from Christ and from what He’s called us to do through His Word. We must understand and share God’s intended message, rather than manipulating His Word.”
    Bishop Joseph E. Simmons and Dr. Claybon Lea are great examples of setting the bar for current or future pastors by ensuring their congregations are equipped to live a life befitting to God; as well as, ensuring their communities are soaring to levels, many consider as unreachable.
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