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    Game Day: 14 Creative Ideas for Super Bowl Sunday

    Super Bowl Sunday

    No matter which team you’re rooting for, Super Bowl Sunday creates an afternoon of fun, and fellowship with your friends and family!  Here are 14 great party ideas to add some creativity to your Super Bowl experience, or flare to your hostess gift. Yes, you should always take something with you when invited to someones home (smile).  

    Super Bowl Sunday Football Nail Art

    Image: hostesshandbook.com


    1. Party Perfect Nails: While you’re hosting, serving, and chatting…why not have the perfect nails to fit the occasion?
    2. Engage your guests with Party Games: Here’s a few party games to make the day fun and enjoyable for the entire family

    FREE Printables

    Super Bowl Bingo

    1. 10 FREE Printables for your Super Bowl Party: A great collection of printables for you and your guests
    2. In Memory of Printables: Did your favorite team miss the cut for this years Super Bowl? Keep their memory alive, lol
    3. Super Bowl Bingo: The name says it all.
    4. Super Bowl Coloring Pages: A must have to keep the kids entertained

    Creative Food Recipes

    Super Bowl Sunday Football Brownies

    Image: www.thesimpleparent.com



    1. Saucy Spin on Meatballs: If you’re looking for a spin on the traditional meatball and bbq sauce – here’s your answer.
    2. Yummy Football Brownies: Perfect to get the kids involved!
    3. Bruschetta Anyone? A fun and easy classic that will go great on your table.
    4. Cola-Glazed Baked Wings: Yum! I can’t wait to try this one out!
    5. Spiral Wrapped Sausage on a Stick: Not only is this a new spin on an old favorite – you can go bananas with the dip varieties!
    6. Sports Dipped Strawberries: Everything can’t be chicken wings and dip. This is simple, fun, and a great opportunity for kids to get involved in the preparation.
    7. Guacamole Football Field: Super Bowl parties are all about the chance to theme out your food. This is a great one.
    8. Simple Snackadium: Flexible enough to customize with favs from you and your guests.

    Happy Game Day!

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