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    STYLE GUIDE: 7 Tips for the Perfect Suit

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    Fellas when you put on a suit you send out a huge message to everyone you come in contact with. The message being that you like to take the time and effort to look good. It says you’re sophisticated, and successful. Here are few tips to help you pull together the perfect men’s suit.



    Fabric: Wool is the most versatile fabric, the best in comfort and has great longevity. The most common types of wool suits are Merino, cashmere and Angora.

    Suit Jacket: If you’re a shorter person go with a single breasted jacket. The double breasted will give you that “drowning in fabric” look and will make you appear even smaller.  If you’re a little bigger in the mid section, wear a lower buttoning jacket rather than one with a higher placket. It will also elongate your silhouette

    Suit Pant: Stay away from pleats if you can. Pleats only works for a larger built guy it will help balance your appearance. Flat front (my personal fav) are more modern and will give you that slimmer, tailored look!

    Dress Shirt: Always always buy a fitted or tailored dress shirt. An untailored shirt have extra fabric that will make you look frumpy and no one wants that. Your dress shirts should be dry cleaned only it will extend it’s life and gives your shirt a more clean and crisp look.

    Now let’s talk Ties!! Weather it signifies he is a father a sports fan or someone that Just like to look good. The color of your tie weather it be a classic necktie or Bowie can immediately show pieces of a man’s personality

    • Red Tie: Red a power color, symbolizing wealth, strength and passion.
    • Blue Tie: Blue is soothing color which radiates peace and tranquility.
    • Yellow Tie: Yellow represents radiance and vitality. Gold tones gives the perception of prestige and wisdom.
    • Black Tie: Black ties are usually associated with formal events.
    • Brown Tie: Brown symbolizes masculinity and will give you a more mature look.
    • Green Tie: A green tie will give a fresh harmonious and peaceful appearance.
    • Paisley Tie: This fabric pattern is generally associated with the 1960s it may give off a “free spirit ” vibe or an individualistic image.

    Socks: The latest fashion trend for men is the color or printed socks. A color or printed sock is a small detail that can serve to pull an outfit together. They also have the ability to add a pop of boldness that would be somewhat frowned upon if placed elsewhere. Not to mention it’s the only form of underwear that’s acceptable to show off!

    Dress Shoe:

    When it comes to a shoe to wear with a suit, less is more. Choose a comfortable yet stylish shoe that compliments the suit.

    So when buying a suit make sure you choose one that works best for your body type.

    BUDGET CONSCIOUS TIP: K&G Fashion Stores offers some great suit collection options. From the Steve Harvey Collection to Blair Underwood – the options are endless!

    KEY TIP: Don’t be afraid to go see your neighborhood tailor!

    Remember “fashion changes daily, so change with us”

    – Rickie Lee (aka Mrfashiongigs)



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