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    Product Review: My Sunday Morning Style with Shea Moisture

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    I’m always on the hunt for great natural products that will keep my curly hair healthy, give me shine & style, while keeping up with my busy wife, mom, and ministry schedule. When the opportunity came along to review a few Shea Moisture products, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve used some of their products before, but not all at the same time. 

    The (4) items I tried out were: African Black Soap “Balancing Conditioner” and “Deep Cleansing Shampoo”, the Raw Shea Butter “Deep Treatment Masque” and the Coconut & Hibiscus “Curl & Style Milk”.

    I’ll give you a step-by-step overview of what I did and how I used these products, in hopes that your experience will be as great as mine was!

    Let’s begin!


    Step 1: PRE-POO

    After reading the directions on how to properly use each product, I started with the “Balancing Conditioner”. This served as a leave-in conditioner (a conditioner to be applied after washing) and also as a “pre-shampoo” or “pre-poo”. I used a generous amount to saturate my hair from root to ends and left it in for about 15 minutes.


    Step 2: CLEAN

    After rinsing out the “Balancing Conditioner”, I washed my hair with the “Deep Cleansing Shampoo”. This shampoo/conditioner duo focuses on dry and itching scalps, so anyone who may have a really dry scalp can benefit from these two! I don’t really have a dry scalp, but my hair has been lacking moisture lately, due to the cold weather. Expect to see your curls pop as soon as you apply these! Once rinsed, my hair was soft, and had a light and sweet fragrance to it.

    Step 3: CONDITION

    This product was one of my favorites! The directions instructed to generously saturate your hair from root to ends, and I did just that! lol. I sectioned my hair into four equal sections and then applied the masque. I put on a plastic shower cap and left it in for about 30 minutes, before rinsing it out.  The “Deep Treatment Masque” is designed to repair damaged, dry hair. My hair has suffered from the cold weather, so this product gave it the boost in moisture that it needed.


    Step 4: DETANGLE & BRAID

    After detangling my hair, I again divided it into four sections. Before braiding my hair, I about a “quarter size” amount of the “Curl & Style Milk”. I then applied it to each section, which had about 2-3 braids. I put on my satin bonnet and let my hair dry overnight.


    Step 5: STYLE

    In the morning, I unbraid each section to begin styling. Styling is all up to you. I recommend that you use olive oil (about a “nickel-size”) for all of the braids. Adding oil or a light styling product before taking down your hair adds moisture and prevents “frizzing”.


    Day 1 of this style was not so successful for me because my hair did not completely dry 🙁

    Day 2 was amazing! I applied the  “Curl & Style Milk” to hair at the end of my first day of using the product. The same steps were repeated from Step 4, and my satin bonnet was put on.

    The next day my hair was great! It was soft to touch and the curl definition was very defined! Two thumbs up for this product! I recommend using the “Curl  & Style Milk” on dry hair for best results.

    I give 5 stars to all of these products! Ladies and fellas try them and see for yourself! Shea Moisture is a line of products that cater to and understands the needs of natural hair. Shea Moisture is effective and affordable! Check them out today on Twitter and Instagram

    Comment below and let me know about your Shea Moisture experience? Which product stands out as your favorite?

    Until next time,

    God bless!

    Connect with me on Instagram at @EricaStarrz

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