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    Regina Hall Talks Happiness, and Making Her Own Vow

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    Earlier this week we had the opportunity to catch up with Regina Hall, who stars in tonight’s Lifetime original movie, “With This Ring.”

    Regina Hall stars alongside Jill Scott, and Eve Jeffers in the romantic comedy based on the best-selling novel The Vow, as three single friends who vow to get married within a year after attending their best friends wedding.

    If you’ve made the vow, you’re in good company.

    Read below as Regina shares if she could related with her character, Trista:

    Oh my God yes. I made that vow. And clearly didn’t stick to it so I must of come to the same conclusion that she did. But, you know, I’ve had moments where my friends and I have been like look at this – by this time next year we’re going to be married. It doesn’t matter.

    But I think the whole point of the movie – and I certainly resonate with this as a black woman – we can’t wait to be happy. And there [shouldn’t be] an event or relationship, you know, something that you have planned in your head that creates that.

    It’s not like okay they’re not married because they’re uptight, or they’re not married because their frigid or they’re not married because they have bad personalities.

    Sometimes we’re just not in a relationship. We’re just single.


    How does With This Ring help to redefine 

    I really hope women take away from it, there as so many wonderful things and so many wonderful pieces that make up life as a whole. You know, there’s so many different elements.

    So just because it’s not the way you necessarily envisioned or dreamed it doesn’t mean that it’s not deliciously wonderful.

    And I hope women really can know that and know that they themselves are the most valuable component in their life.

    And making that choice to really acknowledge and just delight in that, you know, is really the most important step to real true happiness.


    Tune in TONIGHT for the “With This Ring” premiere on Lifetime 8/7c. The movie is funny, and hits home for us busy multitasking women. Invite a few girlfriends over, and get ready to guess which character you’re most like!

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