Dr. Donna E. Allen: 2016 National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS

Creator God the truth is I am afraid. Afraid that you will not miraculously remove HIV and AIDS from the human experience. I am afraid that the death dealing power of this disease will never end.

The Psalmist extols us to “wait on the LORD and be of good courage” so I wait for word that HIV/AIDS is no more. In the wait I know you are present God. So I thank you God that in the midst of the disease you are healing in ways my eyes cannot see and my mind cannot comprehend.

God you are healing us as we love, support, encourage and keep one another.  God you are healing us.
You are healing us as we refuse to forget the multitudes killed by this disease. You are healing God.
You are healing through compassion and care for children, women and men who’s bodies bear the load of this disease. God you are healing.

Please God forgive us for the times when we have been indifferent to those who suffer with HIV and AIDS and have not been helpers of your healing work.

Please God teach us to perceive more and more how you are healing HIV/AIDS across this world every day even as we wait and work for the day when it is no more. Amen.

Dr. Donna E. Allen

New Revelation Community Church



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