• HIV/AIDS Inspiration National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS

    Dr. Liza Rankow – National Week of Prayer or the Healing of AIDS

    Liza Rankow

    Gracious and merciful God, we gather across time and space, uniting hearts and minds in prayer, asking for healing and liberation…. Healing from the impacts of HIV/AIDS on body and mind, family and community and world… Liberation from the constraints of fear and oppression upon all those who are touched by this disease.

    Awaken our hearts, O God, that we may know our oneness as a human family. Awaken us to the remembrance that there is no “us” and “them”… no “other” separate from the whole. Help us to realize that as long as any are affected, all of us are… That our well-being is bound up with one another!

    Spirit God, we pray wholeness for all beings. We pray freedom from suffering and illness. We pray loving embrace and care, sufficiency of resources, and support for all in need. We pray for the cure — not only from this disease, but for the cure from enmity and discrimination — and for your wisdom and compassion to shine through us all in new and magnificent ways.

    Let every precious soul feel the touch of your loving presence, and know they are not alone.

    Guide us in this and all things, we pray. Help us to be faithful to the demands of these times… Help us to walk in integrity with the very best that is within us.

    For this and so much more, O God, we forever give thanks.


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