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    Aggressively Positive

    Fruit Pears

    Don’t wait for the challenges of this day to get you down. Rush out to meet them head on and gain the upper hand.

    Don’t limit your positive outlook to just the things that are already positive. Take a positive attitude toward it all. Decide to turn lemons into lemonade. Think about it!

    You can think. You can reason. You can make decisions. You can take action. You can overcome difficulties. You can persist. You can make it happen. So do it. It’s a whole lot better than sitting around, becoming depressed and watching the world pass you by.

    Problems? We all have them. Challenges? They’re everywhere.  The problems and challenges are really what make life interesting.  They’re what make achievement so gratifying.

    Don’t waste your valuable time and energy collecting excuses. Be aggressively positive; take a sip of that lemonade; savor just how sweet it really is.

    Health and happiness, Kriss

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