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    Inspiring Californians to Save Lives as Organ and Tissue Donors


    Every year as summer dwindles and autumn unfolds, many faith communities prepare for important holidays and times of family.  Moreover, all of us, no matter what our religious beliefs, anticipate the coming of a new year with a heart full of hope and the expectation of new beginnings.

    Today, there are thousands of grateful people in the United States given new beginnings through the selfless gift of organ, eye and tissue donors.  Thank to donors, the more than 28,000 people who receive organ transplants every year are given a new chance to live and hundreds of thousands enjoy restored mobility and sight.  Unfortunately, many thousands more still wait for a chance at a normal life through organ and tissue transplants.

    As a faith leader, you can help spread a message of hope by encouraging your congregation to consider the gift of donation.  Each person moved by your inspiration and who takes action to become a donor, brings a message of hope to the nearly 101,000 people who wait for organ transplants today and the many that one day will benefit from eye or tissue transplants.

    National Donor Sabbath, observed November 13-15, 2009, is an excellent time to provide information about organ, eye and tissue donation. Won’t you help by including donation in your sermon during donor Sabbath weekend? We are also able to provide a staff member and/or a person touched by donation to share more about organ and tissue donation with your members. 

    In addition, you can share information by including the Donor Sabbath insert as part of your worship service?  Free copies are available by calling or emailing Lisa Stanley at lstanley@ctdn.org 
    or 510-251-7010.

    As you know, the faith community has an opportunity to make a significant and lasting difference in the lives of a great many people.  Your congregation has the power to Donate Life.  We hope you will join us in sharing this important message in November.

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