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    Friendly Cab Offering FREE Rides For Oakland Voters


    Election Day Initiative to aid in citywide Get Out the Vote effort

    OAKLAND, CA – Oakland based Friendly Cab announced today that they will participate in their own Get Out the Vote effort on Election Day by offering free taxi rides to Oakland voters going to and from their polling place. The program, considered the first of its kind, is a non-partisan initiative and will provide registered Oakland voters a chance to vote or drop off their absentee ballots between 7am to 9am, and 6pm to 8pm on Tuesday, November 2nd.
    “Every voter must be able to cast a ballot without interference or discrimination, and no one should be restricted from participating in this process because of concerns about safety or the lack of transportation,” said Dhar Mann, of Friendly Cab. “We are proud to assist residents of Oakland as they exercise their democratic right this year and for years to come.”

    The company plans to allocate up to 25 of taxis to support this program, and they will be spread throughout the city in the most equitable way possible. Mann came up with the idea following a series of conversations with residents and City officials who spoke of low voter turnout in specific districts because of a lack of transportation options or concerns about safety of those who are voting in the evening hours when they return home from work.

    Residents who take advantage of the program are asked to request a “Elections Day Voter Taxi” to ensure that they are not charged a fare, and to expedite the pick-up process. Free rides are only available from residents’ home residences in Oakland and to the nearest voting poll, and vice-versa.

    The number for the FRIENDLY CAB dispatcher is 510-536-3000. To find your polling place, call the Voter Assistance Hotline (800) 345-VOTE for additional information or go to http://www.smartvoter.org/ca/alm/ and type in your address.

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