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    A Larger Perspective

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    One of the most positive and effective ways to transcend your difficulties is by expanding your perspective. When you look at the bigger picture, the change in viewpoint alone can suddenly make the problem seem smaller.

    It doesn’t make much sense  and wastes energy to fight battles that don’t really matter. When you look at the bigger picture you’re able to decide what’s really important and focus on it steadfastly for positive and satisfying results.

    Question. Is something holding you back? Move away from it before you get stuck!  Frame it within a larger perspective that will allow you more room to make the effective decision to deal with it.

    Are you crawling on rocky ground, agonizing over every pebble you come across? Or are you flying high and enjoying the view? The difference is one of perspective.

    Remember: “You can’t change it unless you know it.” – unknown




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