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    Oakland A’s: Celebrating 50 Years of Legacy & Making More Memories

    There’s something instantly nostalgic about walking into the Coliseum. Not just the fact we’ll forever call it that (the natives at least), but it’s the feeling you get as soon as you see the sea of green, yellow and white bustling around. There’s nothing like attending an Oakland A’s game.

    The older I get the more I find myself falling in love with old memories, and habits. And yes, there are those occasional flashbacks, triggered by sights, smells and sounds.

    As soon as I received the invite to attend Opening Night, I thought this would be fun for me and my grandparents. Now, in their mid and late 80’s, watching the Oakland A’s from the couch is a regular thing for us. I knew they would love going in person, especially my grandfather. A transplant from Gloster, Louisiana – his mother moved him and his sister to Alameda before he eventually enlisted, and spent over 20 years in the Army. For years I’ve heard his growing up and service stories – and they have somehow always included a bat and a ball.

    This year, marks the Oakland A’s 50th anniversary. With a great fireworks and entertainment show, I found myself jumping on my feet as Rickey Henderson took to the field. Talk about great memories! This is why I love the Oakland A’s so much, and why I always will.

    Baseball is a huge part of the African American experience, and growing up in the Bay Area it was almost second nature to enjoy an Oakland A’s baseball game with school, church or family.

    My grandfather loves baseball. Honestly, I think he loves anything he can coach from the sidelines. But opening night I was reminded it is about so much more. There’s as much happening in the stands, as it is on the field. Being able to enjoy a great game, under the stars, while cheering and high-fiving strangers on your left and right. Simply Priceless.

    It was fun to watch as complete strangers bonded over sharing a jacket!

    With the additions of Championship Plaza and The Treehouse – this ball club has gone all out to ensure everyone young and old can enjoy themselves while cheering on our hometown team. This is family fun at its best.

    You can still find Banjo Man walking the stands and putting smiles on everyones faces. At 39 now, I’ve watched him for more than half of my life. He’s such a tradition.

    Im a Berkeley girl, with strong Oakland roots. The Oakland A’s are a part of our culture. I’ll be right here cheering them on for years to come…and hopefully in a new stadium!

    Unfortunately, my grandparents weren’t able to attend with me that night. But I have no doubt, we’ll be looking out over Ricky Henderson Field very soon.

    Photo Credit: Oakland Athletics

    Seriously, the A’s are celebrating Oakland’s Ryan Coogler with a Black Panther Bobblehead giveaway during their May 5th game vs the Baltimore Orioles. Early arrival is HIGHLY suggested. Only 15,000 will be available that night.


    For upcoming promotions, and tickets visit: www.athletics.com/promotions

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