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    Bay Area Gospel Music Weekend Celebrates Local Gospel Music Heritage [PHOTOS]

    Bay Area Gospel Music Weekend 2018

    The Bay Area Gospel Music Weekend (BAGMW) was held May 18-20th, creating a platform for local gospel artists, and choirs. 

    “The future of Bay Area Gospel Music has been built on a solid foundation…It is now up to us to keep the fire burning,” says Jeremy Gibson, Bay Area Gospel Music Weekend Founder.

    With its own unique focus that brought in elements of music business education, and fellowship – this years first annual BAGMW took a moment to celebrate local trailblazers for their contributions to this genre.

    2018 Honorees

    • The Lyons Family – Edwin Hawkins Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Lawrence Matthews – Bay Area Gospel Ambassador Award
    • Daryl Norman – Bay Area Gospel Heritage Award
    • Olivet Oakland & Pastors Gregory Hunter & Jeffery Williams – Bishop Gordon A. Humphrey Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award

    The diversity of the Bay Area’s nationwide and global contribution gospel scene does not go unnoticed, but the need to create opportunities that bridge the generations together, is a challenge the entire genre works hard at solving.

    Special guests and performers included Candy West, Dale Anthony & Faith Out Loud, JG & Red Letter, Jonathan Johnson, Quinese, Jason McGee, Ron Poindexter, Dayana Redic, Nate Bean & 4Given, Darnell Nolin, Lily of the Valley Christian Center, Michelle Prather, Anthony Washington and Levitical Movement, Olivet Institutional Baptist Church Choir, San Francisco City Wide Young Adult Choir, and many more!

    There are high hopes for the future of the Bay Area Gospel Music Weekend. Rarely do we have the opportunity to gather, and celebrate beyond lines (and sometimes walls) of denominations, districts, associations, and leaders.

    BAGMW joins a long list of local efforts to keep this genre connected. Each of them widely successful in their time, but without a sustainability plan, most have faded away after leadership transitions. These are lessons for all of us!

    What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.  — Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NIV)



    Stay Connected with the Bay Area Gospel Music Weekend: https://www.thebagmw.com

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