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    Fluid Needs

    When exercising in the heat it is important to keep the body hydrated before, during, and after engaging in any type of physical activity.

    Dehydration can cause many detrimental effects including a decrease in exercise performance, early onset of fatigue, headaches, and major stress on the heart.

    The following tips will be helpful in order to avoid becoming dehydrated during physical activity:

    Two hours prior to beginning an exercise session, drink two cups of water (one cup = eight ounces).

    15 minutes before, drink one cup of fluids.

    Every 10 to 15 minutes during exercise, drink 1/2 to one cup of fluids

    After exercising, weigh yourself and drink one to two cups of fluid for every one pound of body weight lost.

    Lastly, drinking sports drinks (i.e., Gatorade, POWERade) only need to be used during exercise sessions lasting more than 90 minutes.

    Following are some general guidelines when sports drinks are consumed:

    Dilute the sports drink with water (1:1). This procedure will save you calories.

    Choose a sports drink that is not caffeinated. Caffeine is dehydrating.

    Ideal beverage temperature is said to be 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Health and happiness, Kriss



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