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    The Role of Accountability in Fostering Success

    Ask yourself:

    • Am I experiencing that late afternoon snack attack?
    • Am I eating mindlessly or mindfully?
    • Are my portions in check? It may be helpful to keep a food record.
    • Do I know what the better choices are at fast food restaurants?
    • Am I under-eating early and overeating later?

    One of these strategies may serve as a guideline: Eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch, and a pauper at dinner. Eat like a cow—graze throughout the day.

    • Am I doing both cardiovascular conditioning and resistance training?
    • Am I exercising regularly and at a high enough intensity?

    These factors and many others affect your ability to maintain or lose weight. But with the guidance of a nutrition and/or exercise specialist, you can receive all the tools and support needed to achieve your goals.

    Health and happiness, Kriss

    (c) Kriss Brooks. All rights reserved

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