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    It’s back to school season and children everywhere are getting lists of school supplies from their teachers.  When I was a child, school supplies were provided by the school for the most part.  Our teachers passed out paste and paper, pens and #2 pencils.  The list of supplies we had to buy was relatively short.  Now, parents can easily spend well over $100 for items on the list.

    In this economy, spending that kind of money on school supplies can be next to impossible for many families.  Imagine what it’s like for kids whose parents have just lost their jobs or their houses.  It’s hard enough to think when your family is under stress.  What must it be like if you have to go to school without a new backpack or pencils or notebooks?  Going to school unprepared makes the school day a lot harder for kids and teachers.  

    You can’t eliminate all sadness and evil from the world.  It’s not possible for one person alone to save it.  But you can do *something*, one opportunity at a time, to strengthen the bonds between people; to lessen the tendency of the world towards disorder and to increase stability.  It takes only a little bit of work, a little bit of mindfulness, a little bit of money.

    Think about it! Give up your lunch today and give a kid a backpack.

    Here are some suggestions for your donations.  

    K.I.D.S for Kids in Distressed Situations

    Give a kid a backpack

    ILoveSchools (teachers also spend money on supplies.  Give them a hand.)


    United Way Stuff the Bus

    Staples Give Back-Pack


    Remember: “The first law of living is giving…unselfishly, abundantly and with no strings.” – anonymous

    Health and happiness,


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