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    California State University East Bay to Host FREE Mathematics Support Program


    California State University East Bay will be offering a summer Mathematics Achievement Academy at Allen Temple from June 20th through July 18th. There is no cost for this program.

    California State University East Bay (CSUEB) sponsors a mathematics support program, called Mathematics Achievement Academies (MAA), for students who will be entering Algebra I in Grade 9, Geometry in Grade 10, and Algebra II in Grade 11. This program started in summer 2010 with the first students entering Algebra I, is being expanded in 2011 to additionally provide Geometry, and will be expanded in future years.

    • There are 20 days of instruction during the summer.
    • Instruction takes place each day of the MAA from 9 am to 12 pm.
    • MAA teachers provide specialized and expert instruction on the specific mathematics topics that lead to success in the school year course, and have received extensive prior training. CSUEB college mentors and others also support instruction in the classroom during the MAA.
    • Students in this program will also have an opportunity for tutoring and mentoring support throughout the program during the school year, provided by CSUEB college student mentors and others.  Parents will have an opportunity to learn more about the program through Parent University nights.
    • This program is structured so that students may begin the summer before they enter Algebra I and continues as they complete the following years’ mathematics coursework (Geometry and Algebra II), through additional summer and school year programs in each successive year.
    • A major goal of MAA is to support historically under-represented minorities to be successful in completing the Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II sequence and be “college-competitive”. Upon successful completion of this program, students who enter CSUEB will not need to take remedial mathematics courses.
    • Generous financial support for MAA is being provided by Chevron Corporation, AT&T, Bank of America, Union Bank of California , Lam Research, and California State University Chancellor’s Office.

    The student target is primarily students who either did not pass or did not take Algebra I in Grade 8 and are taking Algebra I in Grade 9. The program will have one section of Algebra I MAA with up to 30 students. In order to increase the number of students served, we have enacted a policy change. We are now additionally accepting entering Grade 8 students into the MAA Algebra I sections, and entering Grade 9 students into the Geometry sections.

    To register students:

    Via Email: rsvp@allen-temple.org and include the student’s name and the parent’s Email address and phone #.
    Via telephone: 510-544-3977

    You can find more information about MAA at:  http://www.acoe.org/math

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