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    How to Maintain Your Fitness While on the Road



    Exercising is tough enough during a normal work week but when you have to be on the road it can be close to impossible to maintain a regular training schedule. How can you possibly keep physical activity as a priority when you stay in a different hotel every night? Check out these 3 tips on ways to add aerobic fitness, and more into your health and wellness routine while on the road.

    Welcome to the twenty-first century, a land of portable workout equipment, companies that reward physically fit staff members, and websites that can point you to fitness-friendly hotels! In the old days you simply stayed in your room watching television and eating snacks from the in-room frig. Times have changed and more people are concerned about maintaining health, especially while traveling for business.

    Thanks to the millions of business travelers wielding considerable power over the travel industry, there are more fitness options on the road than ever before. Here are few tips to make your next road trip physically active and challenging. 


    Check out your hotel before you get there. 

    Thanks to the advent of the Internet, you can find out almost any information that you need to know within minutes. In the case of hotel accommodations, this is good news. Dozens of websites can search available hotels and identify ones that offer fitness centers and swimming pools. If you are able to choose your accommodations, go for places that either have gyms on site or offer free passes to nearby clubs. If you don’t go to the gym, as a rule, this can be a great chance for you to try out different equipment and decide if joining a gym at home would be worth your time and money.

    Find out if your hotel has a swimming pool. Swimming is fantastic for building cardiovascular strength without placing a lot of stress on the joints. Being aware of your fitness options before you leave on your trip can help you prepare and manage your fitness schedule. 

    Take your workout equipment with you. 

    If your trip will be crammed full of meetings and business, preventing you from using hotel facilities, simply take your own home gym with you! There is a huge variety of portable fitness accessories that can be used to tone the body and build strength. Resistance bands are an excellent choice for portable fitness gear. Bands come in a range of strengths so be sure to read the package or try the band out before buying. Purchasing a multi-pack will provide you with multiple options for workouts and is usually fairly inexpensive. Many resistance bands come with their own case but it’s easy enough to simply fold the bands and store them in a plastic bag.

    Resistance tubing is another option you may want to consider. Tubing can be anchored around a sturdy object and then used for resistance training. Some tubing comes with handles for easy use but if not, simply twist the tubing around your hands or tie it around your ankles to provide the right amount of resistance.

    Bringing a yoga mat is still another excellent choice. Mats offer you the space for comfortable stretching and yoga practice, and if you’re none too sure about the cleanliness of the floor, having your own mat to lie on can go a long way toward easing your mind. A rolled-up mat doesn’t take up too much space in a suitcase and adds very little weight.

    The classic jump rope will serve you well for cardio training!

    Get outside!

    Use the Internet to locate your hotel and determine if the surrounding area is safe and pedestrian-friendly. Often a call to the hotel’s front desk can accomplish this.  But if you want to hear the information from an impartial source, call the Chamber of Commerce of the town or county and ask someone there.

    If your hotel turns out to be located in a not-so-savory part of town and you can’t change locations, simply pack your portable workout gear and get your activity right in your room! But if you’re in a safe area, plan on taking walks or run through the area and do some sightseeing while you exercise. This can be a great chance simply to see new scenery and acquaint yourself with new places.

    Health and happiness,



    Kriss Brooks is a nationally known fitness consultant, personal trainer, and motivational speaker. For more health and wellness tips visit her website at www.options4fitness.com

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