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    9 Tips for a Lite & Healthy Summer

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    Summertime is here!  Sure, your routines may be different from the rest of the year—more time outside, stepped up physical activity and exciting vacation adventures.

    There is a plethora of fresh foods waiting to be enjoyed. Make this summer a delicious, healthy one.


    Here are some easy tips:

    1. Base your menus around fresh vegetables, focusing less on meats. Grill some vegetables basted in your favorite marinade and serve with grilled chicken or fish.
    2. Make a summer fruit salad combining a variety of your favorite fruits!
    3. Check out your local farmer’s market and take your kids along. Everyone can pick a new food to try and take home for their next meal of snack. When kids get to pick out new fruits or veggies they are more likely to try them and enjoy them! 
    4. Grow a family garden. What a great way to get your kids involved in where food comes from. Digging in the dirt may be a little messy but watching the seeds sprout is as exciting as it is rewarding! Some easy and fast growing crops include carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and strawberries.
    5. Pack simple snacks for the day. Think portable fruits and vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, grapes and cherries. Take along small bags of nuts and string cheese for filling proteins.
    6. Keep your fridge stocked with clear plastic containers of pre-washed and cut fruits and vegetables. When you see them, you’re more likely to eat them.
    7. Beat the heat with homemade frozen fruit pops. Freeze 100% fruit juice in small paper cups. When the juice is slushy enough add a wooden stick and when frozen solid peel off the paper and serve. For extra fiber and nutrients you can add diced up fruit to the juice before freezing. You can also freeze yogurt for a frozen treat.
    8. Stay hydrated. Add zest to your water with a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange.
    9. Don’t take the joy out of eating this summer (and all year round!). An occasional ice cream or other high calorie treat can fit within an overall healthy diet as long as it remains the exception not the rule.

    Health and happiness,



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